1st klm of Markopoulou – Kalivion Av., Markopoulo Attikis, PC 19003, Athens, of total area together with our offices, of 2.000 square meters.

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Our company was founded in 1957 and developed to a ‘Societe Anonyme’ company in 1982.

Initially produced products from iron, aluminum and brass.


Since 1989, pointed our interest and was the first in Greece that started the production of boxes, enclosures and other products from glass fiber reinforced polyester (SMC – Sheet Moulding Compound).  


From 1968, we are one of the main suppliers of PPC S.A. (Public Power Corporation of Greece). Specifically from 1989, we are the main supplier of HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.), in polyester (SMC) boxes. Our products are also exported in countries of Eastern Europe and Middle East.


Our production procedure is certified according EN ISO 9001:2008 from the certification body ‘TUV INTERCERT’.

In our facilities we have a testing laboratory for the polyester SMC raw material and for the ready products.

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The range of our products (a part of it can be found here in our website), varies from a box with dimensions of 180 X 120 X 70 mm, up to 1000 X 750 X 300 mm.

Significantly, our products are:

Boxes for Electric Power Network: Meter Boxes, Distribution Boxes, Underground Distribution Boxes, Pillars, etc.

Boxes for Gas and Watering Networks.

Lighting Fixtures: Roof and Road Lights

Stadium Seats

Pillars for electrical, telecommunication and industrial use.


Our company has the production equipment, the know-how and the specialized personnel, to manage produce any product manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polyester (SMC).

Our company as it is known, has signed and delivered successfully in the last twenty years, a great number of Procurement Contracts with PPC S.A., that concern the production of polyester SMC boxes, whereas hundreds of thousands of our boxes have been installed and operate in foreign Electric Power Networks of our clients’ countries.